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But win what ???


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Check here again for another contest soon!

   I am glad you asked.  We here at Komputech have just finished designing two brand new sites.   We need to know what you think of our sites.  Point out our mistakes, make suggestions.  How can we make these sites better?  All you need to do is browse both our Raven site and our Komputech site and find things that you think could make them better.  Then come back to this page and enter in our online draw.  Simply fill in the information required and hit submit.  You will be automatically entered into our free draw.

    So here's what you need to do...

  1. Browse our sites

  2. Fill out our online form to be automatically entered into our free draw

  3. Browse our sites again

  4. Enter again!

  5. Tell a friend

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winner will be contacted by phone or by email

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