What is the difference between the Celeron and the Pentium?

Cost!  That's it.  The Celeron and the Pentium are both made by the same company, Intel.  Both processors are very well manufactured and  perform to the best industry standards.  The biggest difference is that the Celeron has been manufactured with the cost conscience consumer in mind. For those who do not want to keep the Celeron with their package, all of our systems are Pentium III upgradeable!  Also available is the AMD processors which are also very popular and are growing in popularity daily.  All of our processors are guaranteed quality products and if they quite measure up then we can recommend something that will..

I've been shopping around and I can get the same computer for less, why are your prices so different?

They're not.  Our prices only seem different.  In essence you are getting what you pay for.  Always pay close attention to the individual components listed with all new machines because all machines are NOT always the same.  Differences can be anything from a difference in processor, the speed of the hard drive, the size of the RAM, the size, make and model of the monitor, the size of the warranty.  Be informed about the equipment you are purchasing because it is a big investment not only in money but in performance and in your business.  You are going to need the most reliable computer you can find in order to trust your data to it.

Also be aware that some of the larger computer companies are able to offer you a fabulous up front cost but owning a computer by a big company can become quite frustrating.  Shipping can drive the price up by almost $200.  If you ever needed to have your machine fixed, under warranty, you might have to ship it either directly to the company or to one of their service dealers (if one is not close by to where you live).  (The shipping costs to be incurred by you)  Keep in mind also that with these particular machines it might not be possible to upgrade down the road as their  motherboards are all integrated (meaning that all of the components are attached to the motherboard making it difficult and expensive to upgrade).  This could force you to have to purchase a new computer sooner than you'd like.

We at Komputech service all of our systems here at our location.  We are a locally owned business so there are no shipping costs (when purchased within the Quinte and surrounding areas)  and we offer a two year limited parts and labour warranty.  Our systems are completely upgradeable and at the very best possible price.  We also offer great service deals to all of our previous customers when the time comes to upgrade. (see our service rates).   Many of our previous customers have been very satisfied with our service and have come back to us again and again.

What sort of components can I upgrade?

You can upgrade anything.  The most popular components to upgrade are the RAM, the processor and the Hard Drive.  The modem can also be upgraded and so can the CD ROM, the Video and Sound Card and the Mother Board.  We can do all of this here in our store in order for you to keep up with today's rapidly changing technology.

How often should I upgrade my computer?

A computer is like a car.  With care it can last you many years.  Upgrades should be done at least  two years after the purchase of your computer to keep up to internet speeds and changing software requirements.  Upgrades would include the RAM or possibly even the processor.  Once the computer hits four or five years old it might be a good idea to think about replacing it with a new machine.  An important rule to keep in mind is to never spend half the cost of a new machine on upgrades.  If you are only using your computer for home and personal use, the need to upgrade does not become so necessary.  With proper care and cleaning your computer should last for many years.  Be aware though that with changing internet technology, with age, your computer will get slower and slower.